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More and more people are realising the benefits of investing in property, unfortunately a lot of prospective landlords are put off by the thought of having to deal with advertising for tenants, deal with rents, property repairs, seeking references and dealing with any other issues that may arise.
Now you can get all the benefits of owning an investment property without any of the associated stresses and strains.  

We can offer a full property management service, advertising your property when vacant, checking prospective tenants references, collecting rents and dealing with any maintenance issues that may arise.

All prospective Tenants are interviewed before being recommended. If accepted full referencing will then take place via an independent referencing Agency or alternatively, a manual referencing system will be used where the following references will be obtained where possible.

  • Employers
  • Personal reference
  • Bank reference
  • Previous Landlord  (if applicable)

Tenancy Agreements and Notice(s)
A tenancy will be prepared for all Tenants to sign before moving into the property (except where the Landlord provides their own).

The Agreement will include comprehensive terms for the Tenants to adhere to. Under the Housing Act 1988 (amended 1996) an Assured Shorthold Tenancy will be used, except in cases of a company let then the relevant company Agreement will be drafted as with an Assured tenancy. The Standard Notice for repossession will also be drafted to bring the tenancy to an end at the expiry

Arrangement will be made to collect a deposit from the prospective Tenant at the start of the tenancy to cover for any dilapidation's and damage plus for any breach of their Tenancy Agreement obligations.

The deposits are held in the government custodial deposit scheme - full details at

Rent Payments
The first month's rental is collected in advance. It will be up to the Landlord to collect any future rents from the Tenant if we are providing a Letting only service.

If you chose the Rent Collection or Management services the rent is paid into your Bank Account or forwarded onto you within ten working days each time the rental is paid by the Tenant.

Transfer of Services
If you have employed us as your Managing Agents the only service that we are not able to transfer for you is the telephone, as BT or cable will only deal with the subscriber and not with a third party. Please, therefore, arrange transfer on the day the Tenants take occupation if possible.


Whether requiring a Letting only service, Rent Collection or Management services, Landlords have the responsibility for the safety of both the Tenant and their own property during the tenancy.

The following regulations must be adhered to without fail by the Landlord and as Agents, we must ensure that they are carried out.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
These regulations require that all electrical equipment left at the property be 'safe and no risk or injury to human or animal'.

They should be checked that flexes, fuses and electrical out put are safe and correct. Items that must comply are all portable electrical items such as electric cooker, fridge's, washing machines, kettles, toasters etc.

As agents we cannot guarantee which items are safe or not and will recommend that a qualified electrician checks these items (a charge will be made). Your own electrician can carry this out.

This is only a brief guide to the regulations. Further information and details are provided in our Terms of Business and by asking a member of staff. Terms and Conditions of Business This brochure has been compiled as a guide only for Landlords and does not form or substitute in any way our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Once, instructions have been received to let your property our terms and conditions of business will be provided, detailing further the services, charges and conditions for you to read and sign if you are in agreement. For further information please Contact us.

Fire and Furnishings (Safety) Regulations 1988 (1993)
All soft furnishing such as settees, sofa-beds, padded chairs, carpets, pillows cushions and so on must comply with the Fire Resistance requirements contained within the regulations.

Items of furniture made prior to 1950 are termed as antiques and as such are excluded from the regulations.

Usually a label is attached to the item of furniture to confirm it is acceptable. We will at all times check your furniture and advise you accordingly to the best of our ability.

Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1994 (1996)
A qualified Engineer (CORGI or British Gas Engineer for its safe use) must check all gas appliances and installations within the accommodation on an annual basis. This includes such items as Gas Fires, Central Heating boilers, Gas cookers and other gas appliances. It also insists that flues and chimney's are clear of obstructions and in the correct place.

The engineer must issue a certificate and a copy presented to the Tenant at the start of any tenancy.

Any item that fails to comply with the regulations must be fixed or removed immediately.


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